what is expected to be passed as a value for “service” parameter?


It’s the name of the PYLON data source you are performing actions against, such as “facebook”.

If you’re using one of our client libraries, it will contain a folder of real, working examples you can run


we tried the “facebook” as value then we get exception as below:
“You must use an account identity to access this endpoint”

even though api key is passed as
_client = new DataSiftClient(“user name”, “apikey”);


Before you make API calls to PYLON, you must first create an Account Identity. The guides provided on our PYLON Developer Guides page explain in detail every aspect of using the API for PYLON and Facebook Topic Data.

Please note, these features are available to customers on paid plans only. If you are part of a trial, you will need to refer to the documents provided when you signed up for the trial; the way you access the API here will be a little different for the trial period.


Actually we have already paid for the trial account and after following the developer guides I get some difficulties like I followed the below link:

Datasift Developer Site | Getting Started - .NET
Before You Start. Before you start this guide, if you haven’t already done so take a look at our PYLON 101 page to learn the key concepts of the platform.

here while using


I got that it expects 1 more parameter i.e. string service, so I have tried like this

_client.Pylon.Compile(“facebook”, csdl);

In this case I got API endpoint not found exception.

Please give me some directions.


I’m going to open this up in our support helpdesk to ask a few more detailed questions about your account status.


Thanks for support jason…


Moreover, I tried adding pylon filter to my account as:
fb.parent.content contains “BMW”

but in validation it displays a msg as “The target fb.parent.content does not exist.”


In response to your last comment; that should be expected. Unless you are making calls using an account identity, with a valid Facebook Topic Data token, you will not have access to the fb.* CSDL targets


Firstly I tried through c# code. after facing problems in that way, I tried to initiate through Datasift UI by following below link:

but no luck in any ways.