Change in pricing? Blank contacts form?


I noticed that the pricing which used to be clearly documented is no longer available on the website. Clicking on “Contact” for pricing shows a blank (no fields) page that I am somehow supposed to fill in. As a startup, this really concerns us for several reasons - (1) we do not get visibility into pricing, (2) pricing and contracts are not stable which means we cannot include this with confidence for future customers, (3) is the company really focused on its users like us (I would consider us in the developer realm)? I realize that this is somewhat of a rant but while social media is a nice wow factor for someone like us, uncertainties like these compounded with poor documentation really worries us from a business risk point of view and makes us wonder if we should build some of these capabilities in-house. We can do it (built some of this in-house) but it is a time to market issue weighted against business risks of relying on a partner whose pricing and terms may change at any time.


Thanks for this feedback - I will relay it to our Marketing and Website teams. 

Regarding the blank form, which browser are you using when you experience this? Have you tried it in any other browsers? I have been unable to reproduce this issue.


I was using Chrome and was getting a blank section (where fields are supposed to be). I just tried again and I got the form but now it is filled with my inquiry from last time (I do not mind, I am telling you in case it helps). I could try Firefox and IE (and Safari later) but I just tried accessing Datasift home page ( with IE (8.0.7601.17514CO on 32 bit Win 7 Enterprise) and your page does not render correctly - getting “Done, but with errors on page”. Again - I do not mind because I mostly use Chrome but this is so that you guys are aware of it.



I also don’t like that there are no price listing anymore after you clicked on the “SEE PRICING” button. Instead we get now strange Datasift-Trial-Mails even we pay for all our testing data. Together with other Datasift restrictions (like only 500.000 interactions per day…) this makes it really hard to plan a startup project. :frowning:


The change on the website is in response to the different needs that we hear from different types of customers. The underlying price structure has not changed, and you can rest assured that there will not be any price change to existing contractual plans for any DataSift customers. Rather, the changes you have observed are in response to the needs of our growing and diverse customer community, where different styles of packages are now available to meet everyone’s needs. Let me know if you have any further questions.