Cannot paste in csdl operator


I’m not able to paste into the csdl query editor. At first I was able to this, is this a bug, or is it changed on purpose?


You should be able to paste into the CSDL editor.

Which browser, browser version, and Operating System are you using?


I’m using Mozilla Firefox and I’m on Windows 7


Thanks. Is this the latest version of Firefox, or some other version?


Any firefox version 25+.I have 26 now, just updated it still it isn’t working.


Thanks. I have reported this to our Front-end Engineering Team. We hope to be able to resolve this soon.

In the meantime, it may be worth trying with another browser.


Thanks, since I’m not allowed to install new apps on the office server I can only use it with firefox. I tested it on chrome, it works fine thanks.Hope this gets resolved soon :slight_smile:


I have granted you access to use the new CSDL editor - hopefully this will resolve the problem. 

To access it, begin editing a stream, and click the 'settings' icon in the top corner of the CSDL editor to switch to the new editor.