Cannot filter by reddit author


I’ve been trying for a few days now to add filtering reddit posts by username.

I’ve tried

  • == “name” and interaction.type == “reddit”
  • “name” and interaction.type == “reddit”
  • == “name”
  • substr “name”

None of these appear to be returning any reddit content, despite repeated testing against my own reddit user.

Any help appreciated.


There are potentially a couple things at play here.

First, the Reddit data source does not have full “firehose” access, as many other DataSift data sources do, meaning that only some fraction of the total interactions will ever be delivered. It’s best thought of as a sample of the full data set.
As such, the Reddit data source is better suited for use cases that don’t depend on the interactions of specific users.

Secondly, the interactions received from the Reddit data source aren’t in real time. Reddit interactions are created by crawling and scraping reddit, so it’s possible that there have been some interactions that match the your filter, that were delivered later, or have yet to be delivered. They can be delivered hours or even days later.