Can tweet IDs be used as targets?


I’d like to set up a stream for certain types of tweets I’m interested in (filtering on the body text mostly), then for matched tweets retrieve the “in-reply-to-…” tweet, if there is one. That is, I want to look up the message text from the tweets referenced by the IDs in this field: - I don’t much mind whether it’s by augmenting the objects in the feed, or by my issuing a separate request to some other API, I’m just trying to establish whether or not it’s possible for now.




The simplest solution may to just collect the tweet IDs in matching interactions and use Twitter's API to look up the tweet as a secondary process. This method, of course, depends on the volume of data you expect to see since Twitter's API has their own rate limit. 



Yeah, my interest in using Data Sift is actually because I expect volumes of data that wouldn’t work within Twitter’s API limits. It would be simple to implement something like this using the Twitter API entirely, but for the limits :confused: