Can python client be used on managed sources?


Can the datasift python client be used to access the Facebook Managed Source and if so, is there a reference implementation to get started with?


Ok, I see in the ‘How to Use’ under the managed source I created, provides a CSDL filter to use. However, when I use the following as my csdl filte … :

csdl = 'interaction.type == “facebook_page”'
fltr = client.compile(csdl)

I receive this error from the datasift python library - datasift.exceptions.DataSiftApiException: The target interaction.type does not exist

However, the “How to Use” section says -
This Managed Source will also appear in any Filter where the Facebook Pages source is filtered for:
interaction.type == “facebook_page”


All our official client libraries support Managed Sources. For the Python client, take a look at the Managed Sources example script, which demonstrates use of most of the API endpoints.

I’ve resolved the “interaction.type does not exist” issue. It appears the “Interaction” data source had been disabled on your account. A data source must be enabled in order for you to compile CSDL targets against that data source.


Ok,yes that must be the cause because it’s working now.