Can I pull demographic information of a list of twitter screennames ? If so, what should be its CSDL?



I have a list of twitter users that I want to analyse and so i need their demographics. Can I achieve this using historics ? If so, what would be a CSDL to achieve this ?



As I was going through the website, I found out that due to privacy, I probably can’t get both screen_name and demographic data.
But could someone help know how do I switch on the augmentations data in my live streaming ? as of know I am using following CSDL
csdl = ‘’’
(twitter.hashtags in %s)
’’’ %(all)


If you want to filter for any Tweets sent by a list of Twitter users, I would suggest looking at the or twitter.user.screen_name targets.

When receiving Demographics data, certain fields such as 'screen_name' will be masked out, so you will not be able to associate a particular Tweet with any particular user in the list of users you are filtering on.

To switch on/off Augmentations and Data Sources, head to Certain sources and augmentations like Demographics require you to speak to one of our Sales Engineers.


Thanks Jason. This is very helpful. I had spent lot of time trying to figure out how to get demographics. But it seems there is no such information is available on the website or probably not that easily seen.
But thanks again for the message.