Can I get the same JSON from DataSift that I get from Twitter API, as a response?


I have my own processing layer built for my project which is very well equipped to parse the JSON returned by the Twitter API. However, after having gone through the documentation and played around with the DataSift Streams, I cannot seem to figure out if DataSift returns the same JSON that Twitter does.

The use case scenario would be when I am searching for “#oscars”, I don’t want to seggregate the tweet.text, user.mentions, links, etc. I just want a JSON returned from DataSift that looks exactly like the JSON that would be returned from the Twitter API had I made s Search API call.

Or if there is a combination of filters that would allow me to achieve this, some information regarding that would be helpful.


The Tweets returned from DataSift have a similar structure to those returned from the Twitter API, but the fields will not be identical. You will need to configure some mapping between your incoming data, and the format you want to handle your data in. 

The format of Tweets you receive from DataSift should be consistent, so changing your filters will not affect the output data you receive. 


I played around with it today and yes, even though not exactly the same, it does give me whatever I get from the Twitter API. I was trying to write a function that would parse the input from DataSift and was worried whether accessing historics would change the format. Good to know it will be consistent.

Thank you for the information.