Can anyone explain this to me?


Here is a noob Question Regarding Twitter API

I’ve been reading Inside this site for almost 3 hours and yet things aren’t clear about what we can do with API Related to Twitter

I’m building Mobile APP , This App Job not showing The whole user Tweet or anything like that or even Stream Tweets , this is what my App Should do

1- User Downloading The app and Install it
2- User sign in with Twitter
3- The App showing simple Info such as User Avatar/Bio/Number of Tweet/Number of Followers/Number of Following
4- The App Show the most tweet has been Retweeted By Others
5- The App Show the most tweet has been favorite by others
6- The App Show The Number of People who not Follow Back “NON-Followers” With the ability to Unfollow them
7- The App show the number of people who Follow me but i do not Follow them with the ability to Follow them
8- the ability to search within the whole user tweets from day Zero Until now and this search could be by Keywords or Users name such as Reply tweet and so on
9- Show The People who Unfollow me this day and the Number of them
10- Show The People who Follow me this day and the Number of them
11- User Notification works only when some one Follow or Unfollow

Now the Question is > Is datasift for me ? Keep in mind the Whole list can be done with Twitter API but the Problem is the Limits of Requests .

I hope one of you guys answer to me


You could certainly use DataSift for some of these steps, however some others will not currently be possible to achieve using DataSift.

Steps 6, 7, 9, 10:

DataSift does not currently support the ability to lookup 'relationships' between users, i.e. we do not know if one user follows another user - we simply know the nubmer of friends and followers each user has.

Step 8:

Searching a user's Tweets from 'day zero' is certainly possible using DataSift Historics. When a user signs up, you could run an Historic query back from the date this user signed up to Twitter, to 'today'.