Billing for active streaming with push/pull mode


Hi DataSift Team,

I already read billing document. But I am not clear about billing for active streaming with push/pull mode. I summarize(please treat ‘+’ as a space):

------------------------------------------------------------------+++++++ -----------------------------------------------------
++++++++++DataSift system+++++++++++++++++++++++++Customer system
------------------------------------------------------------------+++++++ ----------------------------------------------------------

live stream ========> push buffer+++++++<=== pul data ===>processing data…

(1) DPU cost (processing cost)

(2) license cost(number of data add to buffer)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++(3) DPU cost (duration time connect to DataSift’s system)

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++(4) license cost (actual data received from DataSift)

Here are my questions:

  • If we use active streaming with push/pull mode, billing for us is:
    (1) + (2)
    (1) + (2) + (3)
    (1) + (3) + (4)

another question: is the maximum push buffer data for 1 hour?

Thank you,

Vu Le


Regardless of how you consume your data, you will only be charged for:

- DPU costs - How long you are consuming your stream.

- License Costs - How many interactions we match to your filter.

There are currently no 'delivery costs' for DataSift - we only charge processing on our side, and for license fees.

The Push Buffer will store data for at least one hour - it can sometimes be longer than this, but it is safest to assume that any data left in the Push buffer for over one hour will be lost. Note - you are charged when data enters the Push buffer - not when you receive it.


It is clear. Many thanks