AWS S3 Access Key Error


In using the developer console (Push API) to validate configuration for a subscription, I continually receive the following error:

“error”: “Bad request,Amazon does not recognise the access key that was supplied”

I have checked that all AWS S3 details entered into the console are correct; even creating a new AWS access and secret key for this test.

AWS side looks correct with bucket and directory names all set.

Appreciate in advance any help with this.


Hi Daniel,

This error typically occurs when there are non-alphanumeric characters in the Access Key or Secret Key. We have a known bug where this can cause the validation to fail - we're hoping to fix this in the future but no ETA currently. Can you confirm if your keys have any non-alphanumeric characters? If so, try re-generating the keys and try again. 



Hi Victor,

Thanks for your reply.

After finally generating an access and secret key consisting of alphanumeric characters only, I still receive the same error message.

Think I’ll experiment with the AWS DynamoDB route.



Hi Daniel,

If you would like to re-visit S3 as an endpoint, you can open a Support ticket either by going to or by emailing and we can take a look into your specific settings.