Availability of links.domain?



I was wondering about the availability of the links.domain augmentation? I have a twitter stream that only returns tweets with link.url defined. When I look at the raw data I received it looks like the links section had the following fields: created_at, url, retweet_count, title.

None of the 1000+ tweets seemed to have domain. Is this available in csdl only? (I would be happy with that as I would be using this to generate a list of link domains that I don’t want to see. It saves me the cost of doing a regex on the liinks.url)



Hi Mark,

links.domain acts as a filter - not a return value, so you will not see it in your raw data. 

In your case, You could use links.domain as follows:

links.title contains "sport" and

not links.domain in "bbc.com, cnn.com, nytimes.com"

For full details, see links.domain