Augmenting Youtube Comment interactions with the video details


On Thursday April 27, 2017, we released an enhancement to Youtube Comment interactions to add details of the video itself to the comment interaction.

This change introduces the ability to filter for comments based on the videos being commented on.


We could now filter for comments containing the phrase “PYLON” posted on videos created by DataSift:

youtube.content contains "PYLON" AND == "DataSift"

Another example could be filtering for any comments on videos containing “GDPR” in the title: contains_any "General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR"

New CSDL Targets and data fields

These comment interactions will now contain a* namespace on interactions which we are able to hydrate with the original video data. View the full list of supported targets on our Youtube Target documentation page.


Videos will expire from our cache depending on how frequently they are commented on. Those with higher levels of engagement will be stored longer than those which receive few, or no comments.