Are tweet entities provided with the twitter data source


I’m trying to access the url of a tweeted image directly, the url returned in the text field is to a page containing the image. I believe that the entities object contains the url to the image.

I’m not getting the entities object as part of the json response.


I'm not exactly sure what you mean by 'Tweet Entities'? We do not return any field explicitly called 'Tweet Entities'. Any links sent in a Tweet should be included in the twitter.links object, or the links.url object if you are using our links augmentation.

You can see some example Tweets on our Twitter Data page.


Hi Jason,

This is the Twitter page describing < a href=“”>Tweet Entities along with an example json.

Is there any way to get this data from DataSift.


We support most of these entities in our interactions. Please take a look at the Twitter Target, and the example Twitter Data page in my last post.

Unfortunately we do not currently treat the Media Entity in the same way as Twitter does. I will however raise this as a feature request.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply.

It was the data in the media element I was after.