API consomption: not able to get info older than 1 day



I’d like to have a look at my consumption of data through the API during the last months.

I am only able to get it for the last day thanks to those explanations: http://dev.datasift.com/docs/rest-api/usage

Thanks for the Help



Thank you for that suggestion. I've logged the feature request with our Product team to consider expanding that API. Unfortunately, there is no other way to see month's worth of usage currently. You can still see an aggregate view of your last 7 days of usage from the UI: http://datasift.com/dashboard




Hey Victor - has the Product team had the chance to implement this API request? This would be extremely useful as we look to properly allocate our account’s expenses. Thanks!


Not yet unfortunately. If you hit the /usage REST API endpoint on a daily basis, you will be able to pull off your stream usage for that day. This will give you all information on which streams you have consumed that day, and the volume of content you have received on a stream-by-stream basis. You can work out your DPU cost for each stream by hitting the /dpu REST API endpoint.