Amazon & free account limits

  1. I’ve activated Amazon as a data source yet no data arrives from it.

CSDL: interaction.type == “amazon”

Yields no results.

  1. Is there limits on the free account in terms of data retrieved? I’ve searched for some smaller brands and received no results yet there are results on Twitter.

For example compare!/search/bonobos to

CSDL: interaction.content contains “bonobos”

Yields no results.


1. The Amazon data source typically has quite a low throughput - usually under 100 interactions per hour. 

2. Similar to the Amazon source, a search for this keyword has a low interaction throughput. The interaction.content target looks only within the content of the interaction. It does not look at fields such as the user that sent the Tweet, mentions of any Twitter users within the Tweet, or any links included in the Tweet. The following blog post may help explain some of the differences between the Twitter search API, and some of the DataSift CSDL targets - Migrating from the Twitter Streaming API


Thanks for the clarifications