500,000 interactions per day limit


There is a limit of 500,000 interactions per day on the basic edition.

If I get the interactions with “HTTP Push delivery”, is there any notification (status code…) if I have reached this limit?

Is this a limit of the data source before filtering or are the delivered interactions limited (after filtering with a stream)?

If I am getting over the limit all new data will get lost until midnight, right?

How can I get the number of interactions already fetched (something like the “X-RateLimit-Remaining” HTTP header would be useful)?


The /usage API endpoint is your friend here. You can call the /usage endpoint for the last day, and it will tell you how many interactions you have consumed per stream over the last rolling 24 hours (to the nearest 5 minute mark). 

The 500K limit is for the last rolling 24 hour period, so  22-DEC-2013 13:55 to 23-DEC-2013 13:55 could be an example of the last rolling 24 hour period. 

If you hit this limit, your streams will be stopped until you are no longer in violation of this limit (i.e. you have consumed less than 500K interactions in the last rolling 24 hour period). On hitting this limit, you will receive a log message, and an email if you have allowed email notifications for this in your account settings.


Thanks again jason!